We make slack apps

... for your team

Engineering teams use tools to make work efficient.
What about tools to make teams more efficient?

We create apps that improve your teams productivy.
No webs, no downloads, all from the comfort of slack.

Introducing our first app

reinventing retrospective meetings

with feedo

Submit feedback

during sprints

Start retros with an

existing agenda

Set actions you can look

back to & track progress

Keep track of every sprint

in one single place

Hold that thought

Keep track of your feedback
during the sprint.

Save your team hours of thinking
about feedback on the spot.

Team members can only see and
delete their own feedback until
their sprint ends.

Convenient actions

When the sprint ends
all feedback is revealed.

Feedback is anonymous.
Nobody can see who sent it.

You can then go over the
feedback and discuss the good
and the not so good.

If something requires a team
action, you can easily create a
new action item.

Stay accountable

Keep track of the action items
your team set out to do.

Your next sprint will show them
so you can tick them when done.

Track what your team is setting out to do
and what they actually accomplish.

Evolve over time

Track your teams feedback and
action items by sprint.

Compare action goals
with actions completed.

All this data will help you track and
improve your teams performance.


Since our app
lives within slack.

You can also enjoy it
on your mobile phone!

Not convinced yet?

See it in action

Convinced now?

Do your team a favour

install feedo