Terms and conditions

We are currently under development and all our apps are under an ongoing beta period. This means our app might not be on a production ready level and events such as loss of data, bugs found while using the app, etc may ocurr. If that is the case, you as the user, accept the we (referring to the people involved in the creation of Sleam's products, in particular Borja Leiva) are not responsable for any damage or issues this may cause you and we won't be held responsable for any potential issue. We are currently giving our products and services for free, all we ask for is that you understand and agree to use them under your own risk.

Privacy policy

We only collect data relevant to the services that our apps provide and only data that you yourself as the user have provided to or through slack. We always try to keep the amount of permissions we require as low as we can. Similarly, we try to keep data as lean and anonymous as possible. The data entered into our app by a user will be sent into our server and database and will be stored there in order for the app to work. Most of this data will be the content of users feedback, action items, sprint dates, etc, rather than personal information. As the user you understand and accept that we are not responsable for the security or safety of such data. We will try our best to handle and protect it but if anything was to happen to it, we will not be held reponsable for it. Sleam is currently a free to use side project and so we wanna give everyone the chance to use our products and benefit from them but not to be held responsable if something went wrong.