Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use feedo in multiple teams at the same time?

Yes! Feedo help you with multiple teams at the same time. For feedo teams and channels are the same. If you want to track things for your frontend team, just invite feedo to join #frontend channel. You can invite feedo to as many channels as you want and once he is in the channel you can start a new sprint for that new team within the feedo app in slack.

Can I delete feedback I already sent?

Although you cannot edit submitted feedback at the moment, you can delete your submitted feedback. Only the user who submitted the feedback can delete it though, to prevent other people from deleting your own or you from deleting others by mistake. It is important to remember that once the sprint ends and a new one starts, the sprints feedback will be frozen and you wont be able to add or delete any of it for that now passed sprint.

Can everybody see the feedback I sent?

All feedback is private until the day of your retro meeting (either on its own when the day of the day of the retro arrives or when an admin starts the retro). Also, as previously mentioned, once the sprint ends, everyone in the team will be able to see all feedback and you will no longer be able to add or delete feedback.

Something else not covered here?

You can always reach to me on twitter or via telegram or email.